Saturday, May 20, 2017

Alexandria, Virginia Should Abandon the 72 Hour Parking Rule

Alexandria, Virginia Vice Mayor Justin Wilson has been a proponent of removing old laws off of the City's books. The 72 hour parking rule is one that should have gone too.

At the most recent public hearing, City Council voted to keep two laws on the books as it pertains to long term parking in Alexandria. Currently, there's the 72 hour parking code which the City amended with this ruling and then there's the abandoned vehicle code.

The abandoned vehicle law could have easily been amended to include the 72 hour parking and travel permits language passed on May 13. The Alexandria Police Department has admitted that the overwhelming numbers of 72 hour parking cases it gets come from neighbors and the overwhelming majority of cases are resolved by the time the Police arrive.

Therefore, its time for City Council to abandon the 72 hour parking rule and stop pitting neighbor versus neighbor.

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